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While you’re here, I would like to offer you two more resources to help you!

The first is a book I wrote about my struggles with depression called A New Song.  It is full of Scripture and helpful notes if you or a loved one is struggling or going through a difficult season.

Copies are $9 each and you can message me here for hard copies or click here for an ebook from or

The second way I would love to help you is through a coaching call.

If you need someone to talk to about faith through difficult seasons, how to keep your hope, or ways we can find our identity in Christ, or if you just need some Biblical counsel, I would like to chat!  Its $29 for a 30 minute Skype call.  Click on the button below!

I know you will enjoy being a part of this community of women as we strive to bring more hope into our difficult times through God’s Word.  Thanks for being here.