Winter Camp

Winter Camp

It occurred to me the other day that working at a camp and raising children have a lot of similarities.

Kids can be frustrating.  There’s kids who throw fits when you put them to bed, there’s teenagers that admit they’re trying to be sent home.

Its an overwhelming amount of work.  There’s work before, during, after.  An endless cycle.  Just like my kids laundry.  Which I should be doing right now instead of writing.

There’s a lot of gross jobs.  I thought it would get better as my kids got older but the grossness gets worse.  But I did manage to delegate the plugged toilets this weekend.

Kids are destructive.  Sharpies on the table, footballs meeting lights in the lodge basement.

My house is a disaster.  That’s a constant.

Both things show you pretty much every sin and weakness in your life.  Every day.

Exhaustion.  All the time.

It takes a toll.  All of it.  Some days you end up asking yourself why in the world you ever got yourself into this situation.  If all the effort you’re putting in will ever make a difference.

But then there are these moments of utter brilliance.  Unexpected hugs.  Tearful apologies.  Serious talks.  Counselling at tables.  Watching invitations.  Hearing your kids singing together.  Laughter at meals. Lives changed.  Differences made.

Like glimpses into the eternal, God gives us these moments to keep us going.  And suddenly there’s a smile on your face, an energy to keep going, a determination to do it all again tomorrow.

There are not that many things in life that can wreak chaos and leave you with a smile on your face thinking, “Well, that was worth it”.

My kids and my camp.  Both worth it.

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  • Margaret just came back from the winter weekend. She had an awesome time. We as her parents appreciate all the hard work that goes into making such a weekend We know many life changing decisions are made at camp! So thank you

    • Thanks so much! We love it and we love hearing from the parents too 🙂 thanks for allowing her to come! She’s a great girl

  • I just shared this link with the two ladies I work with at Master’s Club because I think your thoughts are pretty true for many ministries.
    I’m so thankful for your ministry at camp – and all the workers there!! I grew up going to a summer camp and it made a huge impact on my heart!
    {Chloe just turned 7. Her first year of camp this summer.}

    • Thanks for your kind comments. That’s exciting that Chloe is starting camp this year! Maybe she can room with Emma:)


  • We will not always know the eternal impact we have on the kids that cross our paths . The work is hard but our purpose and focus is on the Master for who we do it. We work in His harvest and he alone gives the increase. I always pray that I do not get in His way or do harm. Raising kids or being a mentor is tough business but as you say well worth the effort. Our young people are growing up in a world that no longer believes in God or the truths of the Bible. We need to be steadfast and present truth in love. Keep up the good work that you do. I will be praying for you all and your labour.

  • I resemble those remarks! Well said, kiddo! And, thanks!


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