A New Song


Often described as a dark, lonely pit, depression is a common struggle in our world today.  Everyday there are many Christians who are struggling to get out, stay out, or lift someone else out of the pit.  The struggle can be immense but there are answers in God’s Word.  Journey through the verses of Psalms 42 & 43 and discover a plan to win your fight with depression.

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  • October 3

    Greetings in our Saviour’s name!

    Reading about your visit in Halifax made me aware that you were at the National Conference in Westville, NS, September 21-22. Had I known that I would have sought you out there. Oh well…….

    I’m the pastor at Missionary Bible Church in Halifax. It is providential that I was at the National Conference on Tuesday and was able to obtain a complimentary copy of your testimony. I say providential, because only two weeks before I finished a 2-part message on the question, “Have You Ever Incurred an Emotional Injury?” The next day I began to add more notes for whenever I next preach the message. How timely for me to obtain your testimony, because it is a wonderful example corroborating my “added notes.” As soon as I can afford it I want to purchase many copies of your book, in order to be able to provide a copy with every copy of my message or if not for free, then at least I can encourage folks to acquire a copy on their own.

    [NOTE: With your husband’s permission, I would like to E-mail you a copy of the referenced message, along with the notes; plus, I’d like to E-mail the message, “How to Encourage Yourself in the Lord.” It’s not that you necessarily “need” these messages, but in spite of the one delivering them, I believe you’d see why I am thankful to have obtained your testimony; furthermore, I’d appreciate you and your husband’s input about the message on “emotional injuries.”

    If this all agrees with you, then kindly send me an E-mail to prov1434true@gmail.com THANK YOU, and may the Lord enrich your lives and ministry with Himself.

    In Calvary’s bond,

    Brother Alan Moravek


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